Create and Celebrate! 
Two great ways to enjoy pottery painting fun with others 
1. At Home
Paint at Home Kit - Celebration Offer!
Purchase 10 items, or over, and get 10% off your total cost. 
Offer valid for pottery priced £14 and over. 
Personalised plate included for the 'VIP' person. 
Free writing included on return on the pieces. 
Offered not applied through our online store.
To start your enquiry, or for more information please get in touch! 
01253 779686.
2. At the Studio
For 2021 we will be offering a Celebration Table in the main studio.
The 'VIP' area is open to 6 people painting.
£14 minimum spend per person. Choose from our wide selection of pottery on the day.
Personalised plate included for the 'VIP' person. 
4 Additional seats available for parents if applicable - enjoy a coffee or even choose a piece to paint for yourselves! 
Everybody has the opportunity to design their own piece of ceramic pottery. 
All pieces are fired in our on-site kiln. We will call you when they are ready for collection. 
For more information or to make a booking please get in touch!
01253 779686