Outprints at Home

You can take the impression at home or we can accommodate visits to other locations. It's always worth a conversation to create a lasting memory.
Memorial casts are priced individually.
Outprints will be ready for collection after approximately 6-8 weeks. 
£65 framed, £45 without a frame. Payment on collection for Outprints at home.
You will need:
- 2-3 tubs of play-doh (mixed colours if fine!)
- Chopping board (or similar). Please use something flat - you'll need to transport it on this board back to the studio.
- Rolling pin (or alternative flat surfaced, round bottle). 
- Pen, paper, scissors and a ruler.
Step-by-step guide to take your prints: 
  1. Roll out the play-doh onto your board. Try to make sure the play-doh is the same thickness all the way across. Putting a coaster at each side might help you level it out.
  2. Measure a 13cm squared area on your paper and cut out the square as your template. 13cm squared is our standard size however for older children you can make the marked out area slightly larger. 15cm squared maximum. 
  3. Place your template onto your play-doh and mark out the square using the ruler. 
  4. Take the impression in the centre of the marked out area. Press into the play-doh and make sure you've got an even impression. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary. Just re-roll your play-doh out!
  5. Wrap in cling film and return the impression, on the board, to the studio during our current collection/drop-off times



For babies, you can either achieve an outprint with 2 feet or 1 hand and 1 foot. If choosing 1 hand/1foot, use opposites- eg. left hand and right foot. 

For older children, take an impression of 1 hand only in the centre.

For pets you may be able to fit 2 paw prints or just 1 in the centre.