Family Handprint Vases

At Glazey Days, we're passionate about creating beautiful keepsakes!

Our Vases are a great way to capture handprints, fingerprints and footprints from all the family!


Pottery is the ultimate, personalised, bespoke Gift! A treasured piece designed with a loved one in mind. 

We're on hand to help with the Prints  - please just let us know on booking! 

Tel: 01253 779686


From flower handprints to butterfly footprints and bumblebee fingerprints from the whole family... there's a vase design for everyone!  

We will bring your ideas to life! 



-We're continuing to include simply artwork and writing within the price of the piece of pottery. 

-For more complex and intricate designs, a small charge will apply for artwork and writing. 

Vases priced from £35 



Booking is essential!

Please call the studio to arrange a time slot: 01253 779686.

Appointment times vary from 30 minutes - 1hour 30mins. For multiple pieces we will allocate tables accordingly. 

We aim to have all pottery pieces ready within a 1 week - 10days. If you need your piece ready for a special occasion, please ensure to book in advance.

If you have pre-ordered your pieces, please make us aware on booking. 

Postage is available for pottery pieces and can be arranged on the day with a member of the team. 

Not sure what you get a loved one? Gift vouchers are available! 

For more information please get in touch! Thank You X