Create beautiful bespoke casts with us. We have various cast options to suit you and your family. These masterpieces take time to create and perfect. 
Call our friendly expert staff to book your appointment. 01253 779686
Casts are available throughout the year, please ensure you plan in advance if you would like your cast for a special occasion, as they take a number of weeks/months to complete.

Let the professionals at Glazey Days cast a moment in time to create a bespoke piece of art. 
Life Casting is a safe process and can be done from birth. It will be a treasured family piece that lasts forever. Using a moulding and casting process we will help you create a life cast with stunning results.
We will accommodate visits to other locations if you are unable to come to the studio. Memorial casts are priced individually.
For all Lifecasts, choose from our metallic colour finishes: Silver, Copper, Gold and Antique Gold. Please note White casts carry an additional charge of £25, excluding newborn casts.
How beautiful are our new life cast frames for 2021!
More information to follow soon.

"Framed Newborn" £110: upto age 4 months.
"Framed Lifecast" £150: 5months - Toddler.

"Slate Hanger"
Newborn Feet - £75 - max 8cm foot length.

"Couples hand clasp on plinth" £200.
£50 per additional Hand.
"Tiny Dancer"

£140 mounted - up to shoe size 1.

Holding Hand in Hand £250
Framed £280
New for 2021
Dog Paw Lifecast £80
Frame and Plinth options available.


Capture your child's prints or family pets' paw print in an outprint. We can create a raised cast impression from a soft clay print, using fine casting powder, the cast is finished and coloured to a high standard.

NEW for winter 2020
"Heart Outprint"
£50 unframed.
£75 framed.
Suitable for newborns.
All square outprints are between 13cm and 15cm squared.
"Outprint" £45
Framed £65

"Outprint" £45
Framed £65

'LOVE' Outprint

£160 - £180

Using soft clay we can take an impression of a hand or paw, which is then fired in the kiln and painted in a range of colours.
Check out or new colours for Winter 2020!

"Imprint" £35
Framed £55